Bingo has been one of the most popular games worldwide since it first began as the national Lotto in Italy in 1530 and Internet Bingo is just as popular. Although the game has changed and become more complicated since then, it still remains as one of the most easily recognizable and enjoyable games.

With the growing fascination and development of Internet gaming, it was only a matter of time before lovers of bingo would start to seek out locations where they can play internet Bingo conveniently and regularly. There are currently numerous of sites offering bingo in some form or another.

In some places, the game is considered nothing more than a pleasant diversion from the hard core casino games, while other internet bingo sites are completely devoted to the game.


Although the sites have some variation on the overall bingo theme, generally speaking, the rules for internet bingo don’t vary from those found played in bingo halls across the country.

After a brief registration form, players either purchase or receive a bingo card or cards that has a series of numbers, usually 25 (24 numbers with a “free” space in the center), broken down into rows and columns.


The object of internet bingo is to match the game pattern with the random numbers drawn. As the numbers are drawn, players use their “mouse” to click on the square that matches the selected number.

After you click the box on your internet bingo virtual card, the area will either change color or be marked with a colored circle. Once you match the game pattern, click on the “BINGO!” button, and you’re a winner. In some games, players will receive jackpot prizes for covering all of the 25 numbers.

Players shouldn’t get their hopes up too high for this one though; the odds for hitting a coverall are slight. For games where 50 balls are drawn the odds are on the order of 1 in 212,085. Not great, but if the game is free, what does it hurt?

And who knows? You just might walk away with a nice prize someday.


Exactly what players win for their efforts playing internet bingo depends greatly on the site. For example, on some of the sites a winning card will translate into points, which can be redeemed for prizes, everything from Las Vegas trips to electronic equipment to jewelry.

Other sites, especially the ones where players pay for their entries, winning cards are paid off with cash prizes of varying denominations. It’s up to the players to decide which type of prizes they are more comfortable with.

To get things started off on the right foot, below are a few of the better internet bingo sites players can visit to get a feel for the game.


One internet bingo site, has over a dozen variations on the bingo theme, with games ranging from “Swing Era” to “Hot n Spicy.” Each game uses the common 5-column, 5-row virtual “card” with 25 spaces per card, and a total draw of 75 numbers.

For a little more action, players can also try their hand in the progressive games, which have fewer numbers and more difficult card patterns.

Players who feel compelled to chat while they play can use the site’s Java-based programs to converse with other internet bingo lovers. This option is available on selected games, such as “Astrology”, and it can be a nice diversion from the monotony of the draw.


Another good site to check out is Gala Bingo, which offers a very realistic and exciting bingo experience complete with multi-player games, real time chat features, 3-D graphics and digital sound in both cash and “For Fun” formats.

For those of you who are unaccustomed to playing bingo, or at least online bingo, many sites also provides a variety of helpful features including game tutorials and quick tips.

Finally, Bingo Billy is a US friendly Bingo site that offers a wide array of options including tournament play, shared daily pool prizes and cover-all jackpots.

In addition, the internet bingo site also offers both e-mail and live customer support to handle any problems that come along, such as account questions or prize redemption. They also provide subscribers with newsletter updates about their site.

Although most internet bingo sites generally have similar graphics, they are straightforward, simple to navigate and can get you into the thick of the game within minutes.

If you love bingo, but hate the atmosphere of their physical counterparts, internet bingo sites can offer players a lot of fun and maybe even profitable night out without ever leaving home.