Online Video Poker is a blend between traditional five card draw poker and modern slot machines. Online Video poker is the next most popular of online casino games, next to Blackjack, Roulette and Slots. is a game played between just you and the computer, with an enormous number of variations existing at the top online casino sites. The objective of video poker is to finish with the strongest hand possible and receive a payout.

The computer is the dealer and will deal you a five card hand. Once you receive your hand, you decide which cards to keep (hold) and which to discard. The computer will replace those cards you have chosen to discard. The payout at the end of the game is based on the hand you are holding. Although each game is played in the same manner, each has slightly differing rules and payoffs.

Online Video Poker Rules :

How to play Video Poker

Online gamblers can play Video Poker online at any of our top online casinos. Video poker has always been a digital game, usually in small arcade type machines, so it was only natural that these digital games would be offered by casino sites. This casino game is a fairly simple game to play, however understanding online video poker strategies of which cards to hold or discard takes some practice.

Beginning the game is very straightforward; select what amount of money you want to play with, place your bet and click the deal button.

The first hand of five cards will then be displayed on your computer screen. Check the cards carefully, comparing them to the payout schedule. The payout schedule portion of the screen will indicate if you have any winning combinations.

Hold Cards

Next, select which cards you wish to discard. You may hold from 1 up to 5 of the cards and discard the rest. The discarded cards are replaced by new cards from the deck. Many online video poker games have an automatic hold option, if this is enabled, the cards that form a winning combination will automatically be kept for you.

Hold the cards that give you the highest potential payout. Once you have selected all the cards you wish to discard, click on the deal or draw button for your new cards. Your new cards will appear replacing the discarded ones. The online video poker game will indicate if your new cards combine with those you have held to create a winning hand and add the amount of points or money to you total.

Online Video Poker Strategy

Take your time

There is no time limit playing video poker in online casinos, just you and the machine. Play carefully and make smart decisions.

Know the pay tables

The most important key to winning in video poker is to understand the pay tables for the game you are playing. Each game’s pay tables differ slightly and knowing what hands pay the best will ensure you maximize your winnings.

Play each hand like a new game

Since you are playing a machine try and forget about the last hand played. The machine has no memory of the last hand, the random number generator assures this, so don’t fret over what has already occurred – focus on the new hand before you.

  • Hold all initially dealt cards that pay

If your first five cards include a winning combination on the pay table, don’t discard those cards.

Practice makes perfect

The more you play online video poker, the better you will be. Learning which cards to keep and which cards to discard is very important if you are to take full advantage of the payout tables. If you use your knowledge consistently i.e. utilize a strategy, it will help assure that you will meet the payout percentages of a particular machine.


At Casinos Online Review, we want our readers to know the rules of all the online casinos games so you are an informed online gambler. The more you know about strategy and game rules, then you have better odds. If you would like to play FREE video poker to try out the different variants and practice your strategy, visit our casino GAMES ROOM.